Home Care


Nsambya Home Care (NHC) is a department of St. Francis Hospital Nsambya. That was established by Sr. Miriam Duggan in June 1987 to primarily decongest the hospital clinics of HIV patients. The main beneficiaries are the poor women and children living with HIV, their families and the communities in central districts of; Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso and Mpigi. With HIV prevalence of 8.5% among adults of population of 4,000,000 people. NHC’s overall objective is; to provide with love holistic Home-Based Care quality services to HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons that delight them, their families and communities.

Through its holistic HIV services delivery facility-based and Home-Based services, and support with various community linkages; over 14,600 patients and their families have been served since inception. NHC has a total of 6,931 (460 adolescents) patients on anti-retroviral drugs. The total number of adolescents includes those not yet eligible for ARVs is 580. NHC provides these adolescents with free medical care including ARVs, nutrition support during clinic visits, educational support in form fees for primary education and apprenticeship training, entrepreneurship skills training and startup capital for their families.

NHC created an adolescent clinic that runs on Fridays; it runs a monthly Adolescent voice Newsletter that has contributed experience sharing. Human resource capacity built; 45 youth, 17 couples and 20 adolescents trained as trainers of trainees and staff in programming. NHC initiated the “expert patients” model 10 years ago with 50 Community Volunteers who compliment health service delivery at NHC. The organization has addressed behavior change beyond AB for the youth and couples; over 2,000 youth and over 834 couples have been trained using the Value of Life and Faithful House curriculum respectively. NHC Has two clinics:

  1. The HIV/AIDs Clinic and
  2. The TB Clinic

Services offered at NHC

  1. HIV/AIDS treatment
  2. VCT
  3. Out Patient
  4. Home Visiting
  5. Laboratory
  6. Psycho social

NHC Has a fully fledged satellite clinic at Gaba meant to serve the MARPs at the landing sites around the lake and an outreach clinic (conducted every Thursday) at Christ The King Chucrch.

Units in NHC

  1. Administration unit
  2. Medical Unit
  3. M&E / Data Unit
  4. Psycho-social Unit
  5. Nursing Unit
  6. Counseling Unit
  7. Laboratory Unit
  8. Pharmacy Unit
  9. Community Volunteers’ unit

Specialist In Charge

Dr. Maria Nannyonga Musoke

MB, PHD MMED (MUK) BIMA (UMI) Consultant Pediatrician and Head of Department Nsambya Home Care. She started working at Nsambya Hospital in November 1994 and she was appointed head of Home Care department in 1998.