Dental Clinic Background:

Nsambya Hospital Dental Clinic was started on 1st October 2014 and is located at the Entrance to the OutPatient department.It is managed by four Senior Dental Surgeons and an Oral and Maxillo facial consultant all with over 15years experience in providing a comprehensive range of oral healthcare services that include routine oral outpatient and inpatient treatment and care. The Dental surgeons are assisted by a Dental Officer and a Chair side Assistant.


Our Mission is to offer quality Dental and Oral services to clients who seek services at Nsambya Hospital and in line with the goal of Nsambya Hospital.

Aim and Objectives:

To provide a wholesome package of management of quality oral health care to patients and clients seeking services at Nsambya Hospital and surrounding communities.


An oral cavity free of pain and discomfort

Information about the Department


Services Offered :We offer a number of specialised services including:

  • Conservative Dentistry(Fillings)
  • Endodontic treatment (Root canal therapy)
  • Prosthetics (Replacement of missing teeth)
  • Orthodontic therapy (Correcting mal-aligned teeth)
  • Periodontology (Oral tissue management)
  • Maxilla-Facial Surgical procedures (Extraction of teeth, fixing and immobilizing fractures as well as removal of simple swellings)
  • Oral Health education (Preventive Public Health Aspect)

Dental Treatment Costs

Our services are at costs which are pocket friendly and are in line with the hospital policy of a religious affiliated non profit organization.

Insurance: We offer Dental and Oral services to organizations that hold an insurance policy

Other Dental Clinic Staff

  1. Clare Kafeero, (Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), University of Moscow Tel:0772508976

Is a Senior Dental Surgeon with over 30years experience in Dentistry. She is the propriety of Banda Dental Clinic.

  1. Adrian Kamulegeya (Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS), MUK, Masters of Surgery (Maxillo-facial surgery(University of Beijing, Tel:0712072432